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Ryad Mabrouka's location

An ideal location in the Fez medina (old town):

Ryad Mabrouka is located in a central position inside the walls of the medina, in the Upper Northern side, only 300m from the Aïn Azliten parking lot, which offers an easy access by car or taxi. It is only 3 mn walking to Talaa Kbira, the main pedestrian street of the medina.
Porters are available at the car park at a rate of 30 dhs/cart.

Adress of Ryad Mabrouka : Aïn Azliten - 25 Derb el Miter - 30110 FES-Médina - MOROCCO

GPS details of Aïn Azliten car park (300 m from the riad): 34.06495,-4.98372

PDF map of Fez medina with the riad's location.

Easy to explore by foot

The central location of Ryad Mabrouka allows to explore all main centers of interest of the medina by foot as well as Fez Jdid and the Jewish quarter near the Royal Palace.

The proximity of the parking lot offers an easy access by car or "petit taxi" to the new town (modern town) in less than 15mn.

See our location on OpenStreetMap :

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